Seals repair tools

Seal repair tools are tools specially designed to facilitate the process of repairing or replacing seals in mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems. Seals are often used to prevent fluid or gas leaks in pipes, fittings, tanks, and equipment.


Seal repair tools are available in a variety of types and styles to meet the specific needs of each application. The most common tools include seal pliers, seal extractors, seal knives, seal scrapers, and seal removal tools.


Seal pliers are used to grasp and remove seals from their housing, while seal extractors are used to remove broken or stuck seals from their housing. Seal knives are used to cut and remove damaged seals, while seal scrapers are used to remove remaining residue and debris.


Seal removal tools are used to separate parts that are joined together by removing the seal between the contacting surfaces. These tools are useful for mechanics and maintenance technicians who need to replace damaged seals in equipment and machinery.


It is important to choose the appropriate seal repair tools for each task, to ensure effective and accurate work. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the use and maintenance of seal repair tools, in order to extend their lifespan and ensure safe use.

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