Rubber foam strips

Rubber foam tapes are sealing and insulation products made from foam rubber. They are used to seal and insulate the gaps between two surfaces, absorb shocks and vibrations, and reduce noise and sound emissions.


Rubber foam tapes can be used in many industrial applications, including the automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics, medical equipment, and food industries. They can be used to seal doors, windows, panels, enclosures, and pipes, as well as to dampen vibrations in machinery and equipment.


The benefits of rubber foam tapes include their ability to conform to irregular surfaces and various shapes, their resistance to water, heat, and chemicals, their ability to absorb shocks and vibrations, and their ability to reduce noise. Rubber foam tapes are also lightweight and easy to handle and install.


However, the disadvantages of rubber foam tapes include their long-term durability, which can be affected by chemicals, exposure to weather, and operating conditions, as well as their relatively high cost compared to other types of sealing and insulation products.

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